Oldschool EBM Band from Germany



TENSION CONTROL - the 2016 in Germany founded project impresses with fat analogue synthesizers. Marching direction is EBM of the old school. DAF, Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb send their regards! All composings, sounds and (German and English) lyrics were made by Michael Schrader, who is based in Hamburg since 2018, is also the singer of TENSION CONTROL.

The first album Im Rhythmus der Maschinen (2017) reached the number 1 of the DEUTSCHE ALTERNATIVE CHARTS.

In 2018 and 2022 the band went on the Machinists United Tour across Europe with FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY and DIE KRUPPS. Around this great event some support shows took place. For example DAF in Hamburg and APOPTYGMA BERZERK in Oberhausen.

Next to other festivals TENSION CONTROL played at the legendary FAMILIENTREFFEN, the BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL and in 2023 at the 30. WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN in Leipzig.

In 2019 the 2nd studio album Fortschritt durch Technik has been released and was again well received and succesful in the DAC. The album followed up the digital only released Single Big Black Boots. In 2020 two more single has been released digital only. In neuem Licht and Krank krank.

Ton aus Strom, the 3rd studio album came out in November 2021. It's more powerfull and angrier than the predecessors. It has been written and produced under the impression of the Corona pandemic and the impressive failures of governments and authorities.

On November the 3rd 2023 the 4th studio record will be released and will break new ground. More complex and at the same time more catchy songs can be expected, which will reach a wider audience and reflect the further development of the now clearly recognizable own style.

Live Foto von Daniela Vorndran black-cat-net.de


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2023 ALBUM Industrielle Revolution
2021 ALBUM Ton aus Strom
2019 ALBUM Fortschritt durch Technik
2017 ALBUM Im Rhythmus der Maschinen via BRANDSATZ Records

All records can be found on Bandcamp.com or all common streaming platforms. Albums were released physically on CD.


Michael Schrader, KOMMANDANT Records, Dürenackersweg 26, 22523 Hamburg

www.tensioncontrol.de // www.tension-control-ebm.de // www.tension-control-ebm.com